What Makes Bollywood Sarees So Great

As we all know fashion is ever changing. In India, certain aspects tend to remain the same such as the fact that Indian ethnic wear such as sarees and kurtas are still popular choices for weddings and other special occasions and festivals. Bollywood sarees are timeless and exquisite.

Our Bollywood divas stand as a leading light for not just tradition but a high renowned fashion statement. A woman wears her saree like wearing her pride. It is a pure sign of empowerment of women and an embrace of Indian culture and heritage. Today, designer fashionable saree are all the rage.

The most important thing to realize and understand is that fashion never gets old it just changes while its importance remains.

I am now going to take a look at a few of the latest fashionable sarees worn by our leading Bollywood actresses.

A saree can be made from a variety of materials such as net, chiffon, silk, or cotton. A simple saree should be worn with a fabulous blouse or choli. Blouses today are often embroidered, decorated with net, sequins, semi precious stones or with printed designs. Blouses are either full sleeved, half or 3/4th sleeved, sleeveless, strapless and are stitched in innumerable patterns. You can also wear a plain cotton saree and still pull off your fabulous ethnic look by pairing it with a strapless or metallic strap blouse. If your saree is a gawdy and completely designed piece, a transparent full sleeve blouse with a Chinese collar would suffice. A total antique jewelry set would also be a fantastic addition to your look.

Another factor to be aware of when choosing a saree is the color of the fabric. At present 2016 seems to be the year for bright colors and neon. Bright colors have the advantage of looking great in the sun and giving off a joyous and playful vibe. Apart from neon, sheer sarees in nude bring out sensuality and femininity and currently very popular. This huge variety of sarees and accompanying blouses and choli makes the saree an incredibly versatile outfit, so even though they can be expensive they offer great wearability.

Bollywood saree designs are flamboyant and are a blend between traditional and modern design. The various styles of sarees represent a different culture and state. From Madhuri Dixit’s sequined sarees to Deepika Padukone’s and Priyanka Chopra’s lehenga sarees, fashion designers are experimenting with draping techniques and bold styles to bring the saree into the modern age.


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