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Saree Draping Styles

There are several ways to drape a saree which is what makes the saree such a versatile and sought after attire.

Below is a list of some of the different draping styles. Happy experimenting!

1. Bengali Saree

Begin the Bengali drape on the right. The Bottom of the cloth should reach just above your feet. Wrap the cloth around you from right to left, making sure it is even and tuck in the cloth at the waist. If there is a difference between the waist and hips, you can make small pleats in the back.

Continue to wrap the saree around your body so it comes round back to your right hip and make a fold for the first pleat. Then go back on yourself, drawing the fabric back round to your left and then once more to your right. You should now have two pleats at the front. Tuck them in at the waist and the pleats should fall straight from the hip.

Tuck the top border in with the pleats underneath by placing the top of the saree on your left should. Grasp the top boarder midway between the waist and shoulder, pull the saree outwards until you can wrap it round. Gather the loose pieces and tie a knot.

Tuck the knot in at the waist and if necessary slide the knot to the centre to tighten it. You can also weigh the knot down with coins if neccessary. Make sure that the front fold is coming from the knot at a straight angle, and adjust it if not.

The Bengali drape highlights the pallu, which in then again draped over the left shoulder, with the corner going over the shoulder. The bottom border should fall in a straight line down the left shoulder. You can achieve this is necessary with a weight.

2. Lehenga Saree

The lehenga saree consists 3 parts which are the choli, the skirt and the dupatta. The beauty of the saree depends on the drape, it’s that which is going to adorn the garment.

To begin you must be wearing, the skirt and the choli, take the dupatta by the not embroidered side (that is the right-hand side), and put it into the right-hand side of the skirt.

From there you have to tuck all the edges of the dupatta into your skirt,to do this you will need to make a complete tour of your body.

Make sure you put all the edges of the dupatta into the skirt so that the garment remains in place.

Take the end of the dupatta, which has to be in front of you at this stage and alter to your desired width.

Take the end and make another complete tour of your body and put the rest of the fabric over your shoulder.

The furthest part of the dupatta at this moment, should fall to your thighs giving you a beautiful drape.

3. Mermaid Saree

For this style the purpose is to reproduce the same shape of the tail of a siren. To recreate this saree you need: a choli, a skirt and a dupatta.

Begin by rolling up the right part of the fabric towards the left part.

This time we are not going to tuck all the fabric into the skirt by just a part of it on the right hand side. It is then necessary to cross the fabric from behind so that you make a complete tour of your body with the dupatta.

Take the back part of the fabric, which is hanging loose and tuck kit into the left hand side of the skirt, this will help to create a mound of fabric at the front, which will hang loose, to create the mermaid shape.

Take the end of the dupatta and scrunch it and put it on your right shoulder, the fabric has to arrive up to the foot for the following step.

Take the fabric (which is scrunched) below and cover the bust by wraping it around your body. Return the fabric along the front on the opposite site and attach it to the middle of the skirt with a safety pin.

4. Butterfly Saree

For this style of drape, the dupatta will not be the same as for the previous ones.

The ends of the dupatta fan out to form of a wing of a butterfly, meaning that the middle section of the dupatta will be thiner.

Put one end of the dupatta into the skirt on the front by beginning with the right.

Wrap around your body and tuck the end into your skirt.

Repeat the above process, but this time do not tuck the end of the dupatta into your skirt. Instead, bring it over your shoulder.

Return the surplus of fabric in front of you to the left. Take both border of the fabric, hang on the left-hand side on the right-hand side of your thigh.

Scrunch the rest of the fabric and put it into the skirt by being careful to attach folds with a safety pin.

You can now remove the pin on your thigh to adjust the saree at the back.

5. Mumtaz Saree

For this style you will need a skirt, a choli and a dupatta.

Take the dupatta and begin to put it into the skirt on the right-hand side. Scrunch the end of the dupatta, and wrap it round your body, putting the end of the fabric over your left shoulder. The fabric needs to fall in the middle of your thighs to have the the desired effect. Please note, at this point, there should be a loose piece of fabric hanging down at the front.

Attach the left-hand side of the dupatta on your right thigh, so that it falls across your body diagonally.

Take the loose fabric at the front and scrunch it. It will be necessary to put this part into the skirt in the middle.

To straighten the dupatta put it over your shoulder as you please. Remember though that the final look will be even more beautiful if you tuck the fabric in at the back.

Attach this part to your shoulder by means of a safety pin by letting the end of the dupatta fall at the back down to your feet.

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